Saturday, September 18, 2010

Pygmalion Pick: Cut Chemist

 "Cue" by flickr user danmachold

The Pygmalion Music Festival is near (Sept 22-25) [1], so I thought I'd highlight a performance by one of my favorite musicians.  Cut Chemist will be at the Canopy Club on Friday, September 24 [2].  We've got his 2006 release, The Audience's Listening [3], in our collection, and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys sampling, scratching, funky beats, and doesn't mind not being able to sing along. 

His music is probably more suitable to dancing than merely observing, but I've been warned off the former due to an embarrassing lack of ability, so I'll probably attend his performance with an excuse in hand, literally, in the form of a beverage I'd rather not spill.  The high dancability of his music shouldn't deter you from checking out his album for use while studying, reading, or shopping for groceries.  It'll will make those experiences even more enjoyable.

Cut is also featured in the documentary, Scratch [4], along with many other well known DJs.

1. Official Pygmalion Music Festival site

2. Official Cut Chemist site

3. Check out Cut Chemist's The Audience's Listening from the library

4. Check out the Scratch documentary from the library

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