Friday, September 17, 2010

September Staff Picks DVDs

I know I'm late with these this month, but I think I missed noting the August picks entirely.  They were really good picks, too.  I'm sorry you missed them, assuming you didn't visit the analog staff picks DVD board, which is located by our DVD collection, right next to the two computer catalogs in that area.  Wow, and I mean wow, August, what picks.

September's not bad, either.  I got one last recommendation from John Dunkelberger, my retiring supervisor.   There will be a party, in case you hadn't heard already.  Anyhow, his final pick is the Oscar-winning Czech comedy, Closely Watched Trains, which we recently acquired from the Criterion Collection.  Actually, maybe we'll get some emeritus picks from him after he's retired, too.  He'll have plenty of time for DVD viewing.

Pat, IT Guru, recommends The African Queen, starring Bogart and Bacall.  Fight you for it? 

Elaine recommends Son of Man, a re-imagining of the life of Jesus set in contemporary South Africa.  Ebert notes that this film shows the contemporary world's reaction to Jesus would be to consider him a "dangerous political leader."  It sounds fascinating.

Mary WT picks The September Issue to highlight from the educational DVD collection on the second floor.  It's a documentary about the Vogue editor's preparation of the 2007 issue on Fall fashion.  This is one of those films you would have made a mental note to check out and perhaps forgot about, so cheers to Mary for reminding us.

Carol  recommends Jellyfish, and Israeli film by Etgar Keret and Shira Geffen.  If you missed the screening and discussion of the film hosted by the Cohen Center on campus, featuring Keret and Geffen, well, at least you can check out the film here.

I've blogged my pick before, so I won't write much about it.  Train Man, the Japanese romantic comedy about a nerd's fortuitous encounter with a girl on a train and what becomes of them.

In this picks posts, I also like to note the new release from Film Movement.  This month, they've sent us Bomber, a comedy from the UK about an older couple finally taking that trip to Germany that they've been planning with the unplanned addition of their adult son coming along.

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