Thursday, September 23, 2010

David Rakoff's Half Empty

I see book trailers linked in some of the book industry sources I follow, but I rarely see book trailers that I care enough to check out.  Then along comes a book, and I think, "Now there's a book I'd like to see a trailer for."  And guess what?  There's no trailer for Half Empty, the new collection of autobiographical essays by David Rakoff [1].  According to the publisher, in his book, "Rakoff defends the commonsensical notion that you should always assume the worst, because you’ll never be disappointed." [2]

Try before you buy and check out NPR's Fresh Air from September 21 [3].  In addition to the audio over the interview, there are transcripts of interview highlights, a better intro than I could write, and an excerpt.

1. Check out Half Empty from the library
2. The publisher, Doubleday's site
3. Half Empty on NPR's Fresh Air

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