Friday, January 13, 2012

Treasure Trove!

There is an area in our DVD section that many people overlook. Don't let this happen to you! In the far back corner of the DVD room we have our Music and Musical Performance DVDs, a small but amazingly rich section that includes documentaries, concerts, and everything musical in between.

With a little help from a grant, our collection ranges from Bach to the Sex Pistols; it is arranged to match our CD collection.

Genius Within: the Inner Life of Glenn Gould is one I enjoyed recently. This 2009 film attempts to look beyond the well-known eccentricities of this celebrated pianist through interviews with the people who were closest to him. It moves from his early child prodigy days to his death at age 50 in 1982.

Glenn Gould's story has been told many times, but as director Peter Raymont said, the making of the film produced many surprises: "We’ve found people who knew Gould intimately who have never before spoken about the depth of their relationship. We’ve discovered rarely-seen footage, never-before-seen photographs and a wealth of Glenn Gould’s private recordings."

Check it out! It's at your library!

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