Friday, September 30, 2011

Danger: Rock Science!

Menthol is back. No, not in your cigarettes. The Urbana Free Library has recently acquired a taste for Menthol in the person of Joel Spencer- bass guitar player turned reference librarian. I fondly recall "moshing" frantically (when you're 16 you do everything frantically) to Menthol's driving riffs at the now defunct Trenos (currently Espresso Royale next to Krannert). When Joel told me of his past career I was reminded of my former musical love and I quickly ran to the UFL database to discover that yes, indeed, we owned a Menthol album. Danger! Rock Science was available and I wasted no time in cranking it up down in my basement...drowning out the fading protests of my wife and child.
Some things you go back and listen to and it occurs to you that perhaps your elders had a point when they caustically dismissed whatever grunge band you were currently blasting. Some, however, stand the test of time and I am pleased to report that Danger: Rock Science! easily affirms my narcissistic suspicion that I was always inclined towards good taste in music. From the singable "Guiding Hand" to the hilarious yet oddly sad "Strange Living" the album is both a product of its times with 80s style synth sounds combined with 90s sharply distorted riffs, as well as a musical work that transcends its moment in history. It is still evocative and still seems fresh after all these years. The fact that Seth the long haired wanna be hippie slam dancing at Trenos can agree with Seth the library employee father of two is a testament to Menthol's musical talent.
So check out Danger: Rock Science! We own it and it rocks. And give respect to Joel next time you're in for making it as a musician for 8 years in Chicago...that should earn mad props.

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