Monday, September 19, 2011

Outlander Series by Diana Gabaldon

By: Gabaldon, Diana

Now this is a book you can really sink your teeth into: 627 pages of swashbuckling adventure, romance, tragedy, time travel, history and great characters. (For those of you are thinking, time travel, yuck, the author only uses that to get Claire Fraser to 17th century Scotland--there is no hopping back and forth.) This is a well researched historical novel with lots of action. Gabaldon's descriptive way of writing puts you right in the middle of everything.

This entire series so far contains seven novels, all told from Claire's point of view, and a 2010 graphic novel called Exile, which retells the first novel from 17th century Scotsman Jamie's point of view. The eighth and final novel is due in 2012.

Who are Jamie and Claire? Claire is a 20th century nurse who steps through a crack in time and ends up in 17th century Scotland. She finds herself having to marry Jamie Fraser, a Scotsman, to have the protection of his clan during the Jacobite uprising. Their road to romance is rocky and worthy of a Shakespearean tragedy. The entire series follows their adventures (and misadventures) from Scotland to the United States during the American Revolution.

And: this just in! The 20th anniversary edition of Outlander has just been published. It has a beautiful cover and a cd of music from... Outlander the Musical??????????

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