Sunday, March 20, 2011

UFL Community Lens

So, we thought we would try something new, and we'd like to know what you think.

I sat down with Shai Mauth, the owner of Xinh Xinh Cafe in Urbana and Doodles in Champaign to learn a little about him and about what it's like to own a small business [1]. Big thanks to Shai for being a willing test subject for the trial, by the way. The library worked with UPTV to produce the video below, which will air on UPTV [2], in addition to being available on our YouTube page [3].

I like the idea of libraries creating videos like this, which bring together elements of things libraries already do. This interview with Shai is a virtual library program--we could have invited him to speak and give a Q&A in our auditorium, but at that point, we run into the problems of real-time phyisical events. His schedule would have to match up with an opening in our room schedule, and then your schedule would have to match up for you to be able to attend. Also, being realistic about this, we'd all have to remember the event.

What do you think? Should the library record more interviews with Urbanafolk?

With boba or lychee jelly:
1. Xinh Xinh Cafe is at 114 N. Vine Street in Urbana (same corner as Schnucks), where you can eat in or get take out. Call (217) 337-7600 for more info.

Doodles is ar 502 E. John #109 in Champaign (same building as Fat Sandwich and Insomnia Cookies), where you can mix your own ramen or cereal or grab sushi to go. Call (217) 344-2550 for more info.

2. Urbana Public Television is very cool for providing access to recording and editing equipment to the people of Urbana. You can make video, too--see their site for more info.

3. See what else is on our YouTube page--SPOILER--there're a couple humorous summer reading skits from our children's department.

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