Monday, March 21, 2011

Patrick Lee's The Breach & Ghost Country

So, you love thrillers in the vein of Michael Crichton, and you missed the 2010 release Patrick Lee's The Breach. This would be a terrible thing except that, a) we now have it here at the Urbana Free Library for you to check out, and b) in waiting this long the sequel, Ghost Country, has come out as well.

The premise of these books? Maybe I'll quote the back cover of the first one at you, because it doesn't give away too much:

"Travis Chase, a man putting his life back together after fifteen years in prison, takes a solo hike into the Alaskan Rockies. He's just looking for a quiet place to think about his future, but what he finds is trouble: a 747, downed in remote wilderness, the wreck impossibly undiscovered by authorities. Those aboard are dead, though not because of the crash. They've been shot.

This aircraft, along with the terrifying object it was transporting, is only the beginning for Travis. Within hours he finds himself at the center of a violent conflict that spans the globe, and a secret war that dates back three decades. A war for possession of radically advanced technology—that wasn't created by human hands."

This is a great little series, with the fun coming in equal parts from neat advanced technology, never-ending action, and surprising twists.

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