Thursday, September 9, 2010

Then and now--32 Candles

Back then, Davie was an unattractive girl, growing up poor with an abusive mother in rural Mississippi.  Her classmates cruelly called her "Monkey Night" because of her dark skin. She fell in love with James, the new, rich boy in town, and dreamed of a happy ending, just like Molly Ringwald in the quintessential teen flick Sixteen Candles. But James' haughty sister knew a secret about Davie and engineered a devastating humiliation. Davie left town, to start a new life.

And now, successful and a college graduate, Davie meets James once again and real love blossoms between the two. But wait--Davie has secrets, and they involve revenge. Will Davie find her happy ending, and celebrate with 32 Candles?

Read Ernessa T. Carter's charming first novel, 32 Candles, and discover Davie's destiny yourself. Relive high school and its aftermath all over again.

Here's the book trailer:

Visit the author's website, where you can share your own "then and now" stories, plus learn more about the novel.

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