Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The 50+ Dog Owner

Do you resemble this title? I certainly do!

Now, not every baby boomer owns 5 Border Collies, as my husband and I do, but I've noticed many folks in our Urbana community are dog lovers. And just the fact you're older shouldn't keep you from becoming a proud companion to an animal that could be your best friend.

This guide, new to our library this week, is written especially for seniors contemplating life with a dog. The dust jacket flap announces that dogs can "fill a nest emptied by departing children, comfort a surviving spouse, re-energize a recent retiree, or simply continue a long tradition of human-canine relationships." All very true. Examine the useful chapters which will help you decide if you want a dog, how to choose the right dog for you, and what you need to think about when you live with a dog. They need grooming, training, and medical care, just like human companions. And you can travel with them!

Here's a shout-out to our local Champaign County Humane Society. Just as there are lots of us seniors who might want a dog, there are older dogs that would love to be adopted into a forever home. So don't just consider a puppy! Bond with a dog that shares your energy level.

Take a look at The 50+ Dog Owner: Complete Dog Parenting for Baby Boomers and Beyond, by Mary Jane Checchi. Find out if you're ready to bring a canine companion into your life.

We're here at the Adult Services desk, if you need help reserving this title or want to find other dog books. 217-367-4405. WOOF!

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