Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bicycle Commuting Calculator

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by: Nicholas

Too late for bike to work day, but not too late for pleasant summer whether, Kiplinger's created a calculator to help you determine how much you could save by biking to work. If you think it's a little odd, you can also check out their methodology.

I'd save almost $5 a day (that's 2 extra coffees a day!) compared to driving, but I'm sure it would be less. I'd still own the car, and therefore be paying for insurance. Also, on drier days during the riding season, I'd be commuting by motorcycle, which has lower gasoline, insurance, and maintenance costs.

It may not be a perfect fit for you either, but this is a neat tool to check out, especially if you need a little extra push to take your bike, rather than your car, to work.

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