Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Too Much to See

We've got too many interesting movies. Just today, I cataloged 4 new DVDs that I want to watch. I still haven't found the time to watch the first season of It's Garry Shandling's Show that I picked up last week.

Paper Heart [imdb]- A filmmaker who doesn't believe in love is making a documentary on the subject when she meets and connects with Michael Cera. It's hard for me to hear that Cera's in a film and not want to see it--he was phenomenal in the short-lived TV series, Arrested Development. I'm a guy who'll willingly admit to wanting to see this rom-com, and on those rare occassions when I've wanted to see other romantic comidies, I would not have admitted to it.

Doctor Who: Planet of the Dead [imdb] - I'm behind on my Doctor Who viewing--Christopher Eccleston was the Doctor in the last episode I watched. Despite this, why wouldn't I want to see the Time Lord get sucked through a wormhole with a literal busload of people, including an attractive jewel thief, and wind up on a desert planet whose inhabitants are giant insect- and sting ray-like creatures.

Battlestar Galactica: The Plan [imdb] - I have not slacked off on following the recent Battlestar Galactica series. The Plan purports to give the Cylon side of the story during and shortly after their attack. Scifi dorkaliciousness.

The Merry Gentleman [imdb] - Michael Keaton's directorial debut tells the story of a woman who must navigate between a hired killer and the detective trying to catch him. Ebert says it's "original, absorbing and curiously moving in ways that are far from expected," and I frequently agree with his reviews.

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