Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Don't dribble that squid!

Coming to our library VERY SOON (we're cataloging and processing it this week)--No Dribbling the Squid: Octopush, Shin Kicking, Elephant Polo, and other Oddball Sports, by Michael J. Rosen, with Ben Kassoy.

Yep--this is one of those books where the title is so intriguing I could hardly wait to riffle through the pages. Look, I'm not a sports gal at all (though I admit a flirtation early on with the Chicago White Sox, and still have a bat obtained on Father/Daughter night at Comiskey Park). Most of the athletic publicity nowadays winds up touting organized ball games of some sort, or games where the individual endures and becomes famous. How refreshing to discover a book that glorifies sports some of us normal--uh, perhaps NOT so normal--folks indulge in, in anonymity.

I was fascinated to discover that Outhouse Racing and Wife-Carrying Races take place around the world. I'm also looking forward to finding out more about Caber tossing, Shin Kicking (which could come in handy in other venues), Bog snorkeling, and Cheese Rolling!

So all you armchair athletes out there--here's a book just for us to enjoy and chuckle over. Something different to ponder while our buddies are obsessing over football or basketball games during the holidays.

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