Thursday, April 24, 2008

It was Friday???!!?!?

If you missed The Urbana Free Library's CU Big Read Tolstoy after-hours event this past Friday, you should spend a moment or two in regret, BUT, do not despair! Though you missed our delightful speaker, you can still learn about the life of Leo Tolstoy's wife on your own. We have more than one biography and we have, in particular, the very revealing Song without words: the photographs & diaries of Countess Sophia Tolstoy, which includes her famously astute remarks on the difficulties of living with genius.

We also have several Russian cookbooks; Darra Goldstein's The vegetarian hearth is an especially good place to start if you'd like to make your own Tolstoy-esque treats. There's nothing quite like the Russian and Eurasian Ensemble's polyphonic singing or post-socialist bongos in our collection, but we do have a nice selection of balalaika music on CD in the Folk & International section.

It was the Event of the Season ... but, life goes on.

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