Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Crafts aren't just for kids!

As a teen librarian, one of my primary responsibilities is to offer fun activities for the teens at library programs. One of those programs is a monthly Art Day, where the teens create a wide range of craft projects. We've done yarn graffiti, bubble painting, art inspired by poetry, etc., which I always enjoy just as much as the teens. This month's Art Day in particular was so enjoyable, I thought I'd share it with the grown-ups too--because after all, nobody is too old to have fun with art!

For September's Art Day, we created tin foil art. I found the idea on Pinterest, which is a truly handy way of finding craft projects that don't kill your wallet. The main items needed are smooth cardboard, tacky glue, tin foil, and shoe polish. (For exact directions, check out ArtClubBlog and Make It. . . a Wonderful Life.

One of the teens abandoned his drawing at the end of Art Day, so rather than throw it away, I decided to turn it into my own creation.

Here's the initial drawing:

Since Art Day was a two-part project this month (glue takes time to dry) I decided this one would become the example piece for showing how to apply the foil. I made a few alterations with the glue from the original drawing, just to make it my own:

You'll know the glue is dry when it becomes fairly transparent:

After the glue is dry, fold foil around the cardboard similar to wrapping a present. Let it be loose on top, and be sure to tape down the back so the design doesn't move. After the foil is taped in place, gently press the foil down on top of the dried glue to get the image to appear. A cotton swab or kleenex makes this much easier. Once the basic outline of the glue is visible, use a mechanical pencil (without lead) to make patterns around the image! Here's how mine turned out:

When you are happy with how it looks, add shoe polish...

...and, HUZZAH! The finished project!

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