Monday, July 23, 2012


We recently purchased Frozen Planet, an nature documentary co-produced by the BBC, the Discovery Channel and The Open, the same groups that composed the excellent and popular Planet Earth series. This DVD set couldn't have come into my sweaty hands at a better time. Really it's been a slice of heaven to sit down to watch a show about wildlife in the Arctic and Antarctic. There's got to be some trigger effect in my brain from watching all that snow and ice because I literally feel cooler when I'm watching it. Aside from the positive thermic reaction the series might have on your body, it's downright entertaining too. Each episode is narrated by the ever-pleasing British accent of David Attenborough. He has a way of storytelling that makes the animals seem funny, fierce, heartwarming and extraordinary, all at once. There's close up footage all kinds of animals including: glowing underwater sea creatures, a polar bear mama and her cubs, narwals (sea unicorns) head to head in a swim off, plenty of wolf pack action, penguins, even an epic elephant seal battle, to name a few of the adventures. The cinematography will blow your mind. The time lapse shots and video editing is unlike anything I've ever seen before; it's exquisite. There are seven hour-long episodes in the series and each one has a "making of" special feature about the filming too. I highly recommend this DVD, especially for families attempting to weather the heat of this summer. It's both educational and captivating, a rare combination. Enjoy!

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