Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Do you know Castle?

Richard Castle, to be exact. He’s a mystery fiction author with a new detective series featuring the NYPD. Thanks to his friendship with the Mayor, Castle conducts research for his latest series by partnering with New York’s finest, detective Kate Beckett. Beckett is a passionate and determined detective who serves as Castle’s inspiration for his new series’ main character, Nikki Heat. The other main character, the famous magazine journalist Jameson Rook, is the literary embodiment of Richard Castle. Like Castle and Beckett’s arrangement, Rook finagles his way into working along with Heat to do research for a magazine article. As Rook partners with Heat, the witty banter, catchy dialogue, and loose depictions of Beckett’s actual cases catch the reader’s attention until the case is finally closed. Castle’s wisecracks and meddling with cases, along with his secret attraction for Beckett, all appear via Jameson Rook. Other members of the NYPD are also depicted in the novel, giving dynamism to each character in Heat Wave.

Intrigued? Check out Heat Wave today, and then read the following books in the series, Naked Heat and Heat Rises.

There's one thing I should probably mention, a fact that some already know: Richard Castle is a fictitious character. Kate Beckett is too, for that matter. They are two of the main characters on the TV series Castle, now in its 4th season. If you're interested and want to watch the show, we have the first three seasons available for check out!

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