Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A song of our times

I was heading to the library for book club one Sunday and the hard rock chorus of Chickenfoot's latest single, "Three and a half Letters", roared into my car. The song is devastatingly affecting. It's hard to drive to work with tears in your eyes.

   I need a job
   I need a job
   I'm willing to work
   But I need a job

The backstory? Chickenfoot's lead singer, Sammy Hagar, was inspired by correspondence he received from Iraq vets, homeless, and others desperate for work. They wanted to work--they were able to work--they just couldn't find jobs. Hagar used actual letters he received in the lyrics. Hagar and Chickenfoot hope that the publicity from the song will be a practical conduit they can use to help these folks and others in similar situations find jobs.

What caught my ear was this stanza--

   I'm sorry this letter is hand-written but I don't have a computer
   I don't have access to one
   I'm 51 years old
   I lost my wife to breast cancer three years ago
   Lost my job of 26 years one year later
   I'm homeless with no one to turn to
   I've been through a lot, brother
   I heard you like to help people
   Well, I need help

I wish the person who wrote that letter knew that most public libraries could give him access to a computer,other equipment and perhaps even technology training. The Urbana Free Library serves many folks looking for jobs every day in our computer lab. But not everyone is aware that we're there for them. We libraries all certainly have books about writing resumes, interviewing, and the job search. And we plan to provide more.

Computer & Internet Services at The Urbana Free Library

Here's a list of some of The Urbana Free Library's job hunting materials.

Listen to "Three and a Half Letters".

The guys of Chickenfoot put together a podcast discussing how "Three and a Half Letters" evolved.

If you're interested in listening to more Chickenfoot, "Three and a Half Letters" is on the album Chickenfoot III.  Follow the link or contact us at Adult Services to place a hold. 217-367-4405 or reference@tufl.info.

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