Thursday, August 25, 2011


Broetry? What is it besides the title of a newly published book of poems? The poet, Brian McGackin, says it best in his blog post:  "...Broetry is poetry for dudes; it's poetry for people who don't normally like poetry. Are you the type of person that scoffs at Shelley, laughs at Lord Byron, and wouldn't be caught dead reading Whitman? Then I am quite pleased to inform you that there is finally a manly alternative."

And he's right. Where else can you find poems that start out:

"I have finished
the beer
that was in
the icebox"


"So, we're probably going to break up, right?
I think we should, although I'm terrible
at making decisions, so would you mind
just taking care of that for me?"

So check out this new addition to our collection and enjoy the manly--and sometimes rather explicit--musings of a totally male poet.

Remember, it's Broetry: Poetry for Dudes. Follow the link and place a hold or give us librarians a call, so we can reserve it for you.

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