Monday, April 25, 2011

Compelling dramas coming soon

They look compelling to me, and I do spend enough time noting new comedies on here that one would think the library orders nothing else. Well, be surprised at these recently ordered DVDs with the potential to engage you on an emotional level.

The story of Tariq, son of a strict Muslim father and less strict Muslim mother, as he grows up and goes to college in 2001. Often referred to as painting an authentic picture of one experience of being Muslim in America, it's Tariq's search for his identity that appeals to me.

My Summer of Love
Mona's summer of love, actually. Mona avoids her born-again brother, who dismantles the family pub of their deceased parents and holds prayer meetings there, and becomes intimate with the spoiled, city girl, Tamsin.

Kes (criterion classic)
Kes is actually a 1969 film being released on DVD in the US for the first time. Our protagonist, Billy, escapes his bullied school life and abusive home life by training his kestrel, Kes, with the support of his school teacher. I'd expect this to appeal to anyone who finds it easier to spend time with animals than people. On a related note, I'm starting a club...

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