Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Saving CeeCee Honeycutt by Beth Hoffman

I really enjoy reading about the South particularly because the personalities are always so flamboyant and full of life.

In Saving CeeCee Honeycutt you get the wise black housekeeper, the rich eccentric widowed aunt, the faded beauty queen living in the past and the young girl just coming into her own.

These characters are the type that you'd want to spend the afternoon with, sitting on the back veranda eating pimento cheese sandwiches and sipping mint juleps.

p.s. This book would be great for teens that want to read adult books.
If you like the world of Fried Green Tomatoes and Steel Magnolias you might want to try the following books:

Magnolia Wednesdays (March 2010)
Wax, Wendy
Description: Finding herself pregnant and jobless, investigative journalist Vivian Armstrong Gray returns to the simple life back home in Georgia, and becomes involved in the social life centered on her sister's ballroom dance studio.
The Secret Between Us (Jan 2008)
Delinsky, Barbara
Description: Deborah Monroe and her daughter, Grace, are driving home from a party when their car hits a man running in the dark. Grace was at the wheel, but Deborah sends her home before the police arrive, determined to shoulder the blame for the accident. Her decision then turns into a deception that takes on a life of its own and threatens the special bond between mother and daughter.

The Same Sweet Girls (Jan 2005)
King, Cassandra, 1944-
Description: Every two years, a tight-knit group of Southern women, friends since college, come together for a reunion to renew their relationships with one another, each of them having an incredible story to tell about the course their lives have taken.

A Place to Call Home (Jun 1997)
Smith, Deborah, 1955-
Description: Reunited twenty years after a violent act puts an end to their childhood friendship, two rural Southerners, Claire Maloney and Roan Sullivan, discover their abiding love for each other, even while they fear love cannot heal their childhood wounds.

Little Bitty Lies (Jul 2003)
Andrews, Mary Kay, 1954-
Description: Shocked when her husband leaves, taking all their money with him, Mary Bliss opts to fund her mortgage, expensive teenage daughter, and eccentric mother-in-law's nursing home by staging her husband's death in order to claim his insurance money. (This book would be great for teens that want to read adult books.)

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