Monday, October 25, 2010

Temple Grandin

I recently found out via the University of Illinois Facebook page feed that Temple Grandin received her doctoral degree in Animal Science here in 1989. If you haven't heard of Temple Grandin, recently HBO released a movie (Temple Grandin) about her that is now on video (which we have). She was diagnosed with autism in 1950, is now a professor of Animal Science at Colorado State University, and is the inventor of the 'hug machine', which she invented to help calm herself after watching a similar machine being used to calm cattle. She is considered a leader of both the autism and animal welfare movements. Her work on cattle farms and slaughterhouses involved methods for more humane treatment of cattle. The film and Temple's story are moving and inspirational and perhaps a venue for promoting a greater understanding of autism.

We also have the book Thinking in Pictures:and Other Reports From My Life With Autism by Temple Grandin, as well as Oliver Sacks' An Anthropologist on Mars: Seven Paradoxical tales in which Sacks describes Temple's feelings about being around people who are not in the autistic spectrum.

Posted by Tammie Redenbaugh

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