Friday, August 27, 2010

Meow! Feed me! Simon's Cat

Are you a fan of Simon's Cat?  If not, let me introduce you. He's an Internet sensation! Here's my favorite of his webisodes.

(Thanks to the Simon's Cat YouTube Channel for letting us embed this clip!)

Simon Tofield, the artist, has posted a half dozen or so animated vignettes featuring his kitty. He so obviously is a cat owner! His cat always seems to want to eat, and tries every sneaky catlike way he can think of to get the message across--FEED ME! If you own a cat, you'll recognize yourself and your feline(s)in every episode.

And if you enjoy these films, you'll purr at the collection of cartoons in the recently published, one and only book of Simon's Cat. Check it out at The Urbana Free Library and giggle along with fans the world over.

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