Saturday, August 21, 2010

Makes me thirsty

I thought my coworker was kidding when he suggested I order a copy of Max Headroom: The Complete Series for the library collection [1].  You remember this, uh, guy, right?  I vaguely remember this show, but I can more clearly picture him in my head interviewing folks--an NPR review sadly notes the lack of any Headroom interviews in this set [2]. 

I also remember the Coke ad--let me note here that the inclusion of an ad I found on YouTube in no way means that the library is promoting Coke. I've included the video merely to help remind the public of this iconic character.  However, Coca-Cola, if you're reading this blog and want to make a donation to a medium-sized public library, please get in touch with our administration.


1. Place your requests now!
2. NPR - 80's Nostalgia? M-M-Max Headroom Is Now On DVD

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