Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Fever Crumb

Assassins made of paper able to slip in the narrowest of openings. Skinners who work to eliminate the world of Patchskins. And, an army of living dead made up of Stalkers. For 14 year old Fever Crumb, these are just the beginnings of her troubles. An orphan raised by a college of engineers to value logic above all else, she stumbles upon a secret that threatens to shed light on who she really is and where she came from. Follow her as she races around a futuristic London trying to find out the truth of her past as chaos and bloodshed blossom around her.

Exciting and suspenseful, FEVER CRUMB by Philip Reeve is a believable fantasy with a satisfying ending. Not your typical coming of age story, Fever is a character who struggles between being rational and giving in to her emotions as she desperately tries to find out who she really is. Full of science and humorous references to our daily indulgences, "blog off!," it enables us to connect to a future which is not as sleek or highly cultured as we commonly imagine.

This prequel to the Mortal Engines Quartet (Hungry City Chronicles) is able to stand alone as its own story. Or, it can become the doorway that invites you to read on, following the path of society after the Sixty Minute War.

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