Monday, July 5, 2010

Three Possibly Funny, Definitely Stupid Movies

When I was in high school, I enjoyed exposing my folks to movies they couldn't stop themselves from laughing at, and they definitely wanted to.  These weren't anything secret or special--I have vague memories of Jim Carrey, Mike Meyers, and other over the top goofballs--but these weren't films they would have chosen to watch themselves.

I was successful if, after the film ended, my step-father told me while laughing, "Brian, that was the stupidest movie I ever seen."  He was right, but I got him to laugh.

I haven't watched any of the following movies, so I can't vouch for their funniness, that being subjective and all.  I do plan on watching at least two of them, however, and I feel confident enough not knowing much about them to label them as stupid.  Watch at your own risk, but I hope for you and me both that these are stupid and funny.

Hot Tub Time Machine
Four guys go back to the '80s via the titular hot tub.  

Mystery Team
Once successful child detectives, the titular team is now ten years older and trying to solve a murder.

Slammin' Salmon
The titular Salmon is a former boxer turned restaurant owner who will give $10,000 to the waiter who earns the most in one night, and a beating to the one who earns the least.

Thanks for watching and giving me the opportunity to use the word "titular" three times in one post.  It's not that big an accomplishment, really--it's only 7-points in Scrabble.

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