Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Lots of popular blogs and websites have become books--it's almost cliche to mention it.  Some make the transition better than others, adding value to the original content that was, and usually still is, freely available online.  This is more important for some, like the well-done, not for the gentle Sh*t My Dad Says [original tweets, book], than others, like Nicholas Gurewich's Perry Bible Fellowship comic strip collection [original website, book].  In other instances, you get the impression that the publisher is going after that holiday/birthday novelty gift book market, simply republishing the original--and I'll note again, freely available--content in a codex (looking at you, LOLCats/Cheezburger bums).

Regretsy: Where DIY Meets WTF is one of those that does a good job of adding value, which comes in the form in the form of author Winchell's insights and humorous introductions.  This actually gives you some insight into the author as a person, which is a good thing when her creative work is making fun of other people's creative endeavors that they've posted for sale on Etsy.  She admits that some folks have different tastes and styles, but also notes that crushed Coca-Cola will cans never make good decor.  There's also a section at the end that collects the reactions of Etsy crafters to being featured on Regretsy, which range from excited to insulted.  If you enjoy well-done sarcasm, you should really check this out.

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