Monday, June 21, 2010

List Dry Spell

It's mid-to-late June.  Every summer there's a drought of lists of good books.  I'm not talking about the summer book lists.  Have you noticed how they focus on leisure-reading in the summer?  Don't you want to flex some brain muscle when you've got the time to do so?  Gimme those sunshine beach reads in the winter to help fight off seasonal depressive disorder.

I need a list fix, and lucky for me, The New Yorker has the hook up in the form of its 20 under 40 list.  This is not only a great list merely for being produced during the off-season, but also for inspiring The Millions to counter with their own 20 under 40 list that highlights lesser known authors (I assume this from the few comments about small publishers).

If in looking over either of these lists, you discover something you'd be interested in reading, but is unavailable from our library, send us a request to add the title to the library collection.  We do seriously consider the pleas of our public.

Image Attribution: "Valle de la Luna, near San Pedro+de+Atacama"

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