Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June DVD Picks

New from Film Movement: Only When I Dance, a documentary about two aspiring ballet dancers living in, and trying to escape, Brazilian favelas.

We also have six (six!) staff picks this month.

Brian L's pick: Millions, directed by Danny Boyle (28 Days Later, Slumdog Millionaire), about two young brothers in Ireland who find a bag of British pounds days before the adoption of the Euro.

Brian R's pick: You're Gonna Miss Me: A Film about Roky Erickson, vocalist and guitarist of the 13th Floor Elevators, and a pioneer in psychedelic rock music.

Carol's pick: Howard Zinn: You Can't Be Neutral on a Moving Train, the life and times of the author and activist, who died this past January.  First Run Features hasn't posted a trailer, but they have posted several clips.

John D's pick: L'auberge espagnole, starring Audrey Tautou, of Amelie fame, among other great films.  International students share an apartment in Spain, building friendships and, according to the trailer, generally having a good time.  If the poor video quality of the trailer bothers you, try this one at IMDb.

John G's pick: Delicatessen, co-directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet, also of Amelie fame, in addition to other great films.  A dark comedy set in a future where cannibalism is no longer taboo, and a new assistant in the butcher shop could feed the tenants of the whole building.


Mary WT's pick: Good Hair, Chris Rock's documentary about the lengths to which African American women (and the industry that serves them) go for those fantastic 'dos.

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