Monday, May 3, 2010

U Like Ubuntu

We've only got a few books on Ubuntu, the latest Linux Distribution to become king-of-the-mountain (here's the wikipedia entry for the completely bewildered), but relative to other books in the computers section, Ubuntu's well-represented. Hey, we order them because you like them.

And because Ubuntu is popular around here, I thought I'd point out some current links on the topic.

A new Ubuntu release, 10.04, became available on April 29th, and one of my favorite blogs, MakeUseOf, discussed their favorite new features.

Another of my other favorite blogs, Lifehacker, linked me to IT World's 10 minute Ubuntu set up of the new release.

The possibly Ubuntu-biased site OMG! Ubuntu! has a list of 10 things to do after installing Ubuntu 10.04.

There's just truckloads of info online about Ubuntu, which makes sense since that's where it's developed and distributed, but if you're just getting started, consider checking out BeginningUbuntu Linux or Ubuntu for Non-Geeks from out collection.

EDIT: It's like Lifehacker knew I had this post scheduled to go up today, because they've linked a free eBook called Getting Started with Ubuntu 10.04.

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