Saturday, May 15, 2010

Secret DVD Bonus Level

I'm sure you keep at least a mental list of movies you want to see when you come into the library. Maybe you write it down or use a web service like Flixter or even IMDb to keep track of them so you don't forget. However you do or don't keep track of movies you want to see, I'm sure you've wound up in our DVD section baffled and irritated, knowing there are titles you wanted to grab, but you can't remember them, you forgot to bring your list, or possibly they're all checked out.

If you do find yourself lost and looking for guidance, checkout some of our DVD staff picks. Hiding in the alcove with the two library catalog computers in the audiovisual area is a bulletin board that we update monthly. It includes the latest release from Film Movement, a fantastic series of independent and international films, one of which, Munyurangabo [IMDb, Ebert's Review], was shown at this past Ebertfest.

We also put up 4-6 staff picks, and we try to pick out titles that may not be at the front of your mind. Past picks have included everything from Spike Lee's Do the Right Thing to the Cool and Crazy on the Road documentary about the Norwegian vocal group.

Assuming that you reading this means you aren't in the library, here are the current staff picks, with trailers when possible.

From Film Movement, The Wind Journeys

Anne's Pick, La Historia Oficial

The only trailers for this online are in Spanish without subtitles. Perhaps it would interest you to know that this film won the Oscar for Best Foreign Film in 1986. What if I told you Ebert liked it? Anne liked it, and that should really be enough for you.

Brian L's Pick, Poster Children: Zero Stars
Sadly, there's no trailer for this one, but it adds fun to the typical concert movie with some humorous clips from road trips. You can find some clips from the film on YouTube, but check out the DVD for better quality. Also, it's the Poster Children.

Caleb's Pick, Sauna
(I'll warn you--it's kinda scary, so maybe watch it after the kids are in bed)

Carol & Mary WT's simultaneous without collaboration Pick, Outrage

John G's Pick, Hidalgo

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