Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Cookbook for Everyone

Double Take: One Fabulous Recipe, Two Finished Dishes makes a cookbook out of a brilliant idea--recipes for dishes to make when serving omnivores and vegetarians that will keep everyone happy. I can see this working for couples, where half is a vegetarian; parents whose children have gone veg, (or veggie parents whose kids have gone omnivorous); and folks who host dinner parties attended by a mixed omni/veg crowd.

These aren't recipes for meatless dishes that will satisfy omnivores. These recipes prepare common elements, as well as meat and alt-meat to mix in, creating similar but individualized meals for your discerning eaters. How cool is that?

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Mary wt said...

Sounds like the perfect book to take to any gathering of librarians, since half the profession seems to be vegetarian/vegan and the other half omnivore!