Friday, May 7, 2010

Almost forgot my mom...

That's nothing new. I almost forget about my mom every year, and some years I follow through and actually do forget my mom. While we've got our weekend phone calls, for some reason she never reminds me that Mother's Day is impending. Aren't moms supposed to help you remember stuff? Why do I have to find out about it afterward--not that I want to avoid knowing I've erred, but before I've actually missed Mother's Day would be the productive time for a reminder.

If you've forgotten about mom, and you're lucky enough that she lives here in town, the fantastic Champaign Taste blog can save your day. Sure, you can scramble for a card, rifling through all the leftovers with us other slackers, but wouldn't it be more impressive to surprise your mom with a brunch like you'd been planning it all along?

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