Sunday, April 18, 2010

Virtual Ebertfest!

Can't attend all the Ebertfest activities this week? Neither can I, alas.
(But check out the Ebertfest website. Some tickets are still available, and you'll get a great taste of what's going on.)

Here's an exciting new Ebertfest option! You can view some of the activities from the comfort of your own computer!

Roger Ebert, an avid user of Twitter, has just tweeted
"Ebertfest will stream live on the net. Here is the *correct* link *with* the guide with days and times."

The page Mr. Ebert points to has the schedule, times, and the link to the streaming videos.

Not the movies, of course, but you can access the morning UIUC panel discussions and the Q&A sessions after the films.

Enjoy Ebertfest! Now it's only a computer away!

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