Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Easier with Practice

I just cataloged the DVD Easier with Practice [imdb], which has been getting some under-the-radar buzz online.

What struck me as interesting about this was learning that it's "based on a true story by Davy Rothbart." Wait, the Found Magazine guy? Yes, according to the A/V Club review, it's based on Rothbart's "autobiographical GQ article 'What Are You Wearing?'" (found in Aug2006, Vol. 76 Issue 8, p94-103, in case you wanted to read it--our GQ holdings only go back 3 years, sadly).

In case you're not familiar with Found Magazine, or you forgot about the Dada wonder of lost objects when you discovered the more compelling Post Secret project, I'll explain Found. It publishes/posts pictures of lost things that others have found, like old photographs, to-do lists, letters, etc., that for we like to look at for some reason. We've got the compilations Found and Found II, if you'd like to check them out.

I've gotten away from Easier with Practice, and I'm sorry for that. Here's the trailer to help me back on topic. I should warn you that I can't hear the audio on the reference desk, and as the subject matter relates to a relationship by phone, it may be too erotic for gentle library blog readers.

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