Friday, March 5, 2010

It's That Guy From the Library

With arguably one of the most recognized faces in Urbana, John Dunkelberger is the Director of Adult Services at The Urbana Free Library. Most famous for his ability to remember names and the call numbers for items like Ethiopian cookbooks without the aid of a computer, John is responsible for collection development as well as reference. He has single-handedly made the library’s collections in art, drama, and travel among the best in the state. As the supervisor of 11 professional librarians, John is also an expert in the strategic use of chocolate in management.

In his spare time, John serves on the board of the Audubon Society, volunteers regularly at WILL, and helps sell vegetables for Blue Moon Farm at the Market at the Square on occasional Saturdays. John’s orientation to service began early: as a child, he deposited one penny for every dime received into a special box for the Good Ship Hope. His attitude towards giving remains the same today.

John is a vegetarian; he has never eaten in a MacDonalds, has never owned a car or a television set, and often delights friends with the story of the time he drank a third of a cup of coffee. After more than 26 years of service to the library, the “R” word has begun to crop up in John’s conversation. Patrons who would like to keep him forever might want to consider the manipulative possibilities of chocolate.

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Love Inspired CU said...

John is a great addition to your staff and he is very nice and very customer oriented and he does he best to fill books requests to enhance the libray collection.