Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Oh, Those Mommies!

Familiar with the local site ChambanaMoms?

Check out Babble.com's year-end list of "Top 50 Mommy Bloggers."

The compilation is divided into subcategories, including "most controversial," featuring women like FreeRangeKids' Lenore Skenazy (aka "America's Worst Mom") and Dooce.com's Heather Armstrong.

Pseudo-scientific trolling--er, polling--suggests that mommy blogs outnumber daddy blogs two to one. But "digital strategist" (i.e. bandwagoneer) Jessica Smith suggests that we'll see a shift in 2010, with more men posting:
As brands leverage social media more and more, the importance of not getting lost in the "noise" will be important if not totally necessary. While women tend to connect with each other emotionally and through story telling, men tend to be more direct and therefore provide instant gratification when providing their information.
(Uh, I think she's referring to the practice of corporations sending products to bloggers for potential review ... or whatever.)

If, like Seth Rogen, you could care less about children or their parents' multitudinous opinions, rest assured ... you are not alone.

Photo courtesy of rutlo.

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