Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Remember Patrick Swayze with us....

The movie world lost Patrick Swayze yesterday.
A brave man. A wonderful dancer.

Rediscover Dirty Dancing and Ghost. See the young Swayze with other future male stars in The Outsiders. DVDs featuring Patrick Swayze are available at The Urbana Free Library. Which is your favorite?

City of Joy (DVD coming; this is the VHS)
Dirty Dancing
Donnie Darko
Keeping Mum
Powder Blue
Red Dawn
The Outsiders
To Wong Foo: Thanks For Everything, Julie Newmar

Movie checked out? Contact us to reserve a copy of one of the films for you. In the meantime, remember Swayze by watching his last interview with Barbara Walters. All 5 parts are available on YouTube. Part 1 is here:


For further reference information, here's the New York Times obituary.

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