Friday, July 17, 2009

Equality and the Domain of Faith

Author Greta Christina examines the inherent struggles of being both an atheist and gay in the United States:
I am both an atheist and a queer. I feel like I'm one of the bridges between the two communities, and that makes me happy: I think the two movements are natural allies, and I think there should be bridges between them ...

But lately, I'm feeling like this bridge is a lot more strongly supported on one side than it is on the other. I'm feeling like the people on one side of the bridge are heartily cheering me on and welcoming me with open arms, and the people on the other side of the bridge are a whole lot more conflicted about me, with a fair number of them heartily wishing that I'd just shut up.

And I'm finding--sadly, but not entirely surprisingly--that I'm feeling more strongly identified with my new friends who are cheering me on.

I'm feeling more like an atheist than I am like a queer.
"Coming Out Atheist vs. Coming Out Gay," by Jacqueline Lavache, tackles the issues in a similar way.

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