Friday, June 5, 2009

Sita, Coming Soon!

Just got the announcement in my email yesterday--the sale of Sita Sings the Blues on DVD has begun. Of course, you can watch it online if you're able to do so, or download and burn a copy of it under the Creative Commons license, but for the first time you can order an NTSC North America DVD player compatible disc.

What does this mean? This means watch our catalog! We've been waiting for the opportunity to grab a copy or three for the library since we learned the film's auteur, Nina Paley, originally hails from Urbana. Or was it since it was selected and shown at the last Ebertfest? Or was it because it made headlines and raised issues of copyright and creativity?

Maybe it had something to do with it's awards or critical praise, I don't know, but I'm thinking someone out there in Urbanaland wants to see this. If that happens to be you, go to our site, pull up our catalog, search for Sita Sings the Blues by title, and if you don't find it, try again. Repeat until you see it in the catalog. Don't leave your computer for days. You might miss it. Once you see it in the catalog, place a request with your library card barcode and PIN. Then you can rest.

Or just give us a couple weeks to get it in, cataloged, and processed. That way you can go about your business and place a hold on it later. Whatever works best for you.

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