Friday, May 22, 2009

Our educational DVDs are growing by leaps and bounds!

We've recently revamped our educational DVD section on the second floor. Not only have we rearranged the display books for maximum viewing pleasure, but we've also added over 100 new titles to our collection. Our recent selections range from documentaries to travel films to how-tos to exercise programs to much more.

EDDVD display book

Here's a taste of some of the new titles waiting for you to take home and enjoy!

Radiant City
Discover the dark side of suburbia.

Please Vote For Me: An Experience in Democracy By Chinese 8-year-olds
DVD/324.72/PLE [in Mandarin]
School elections are the same all over, aren't they?

Dancing With The Stars: Latin Cardio Dance
Exercize with Maks, Ashly and Kym.

Annie Leibovitz: Life Through a Lens
Get to know well-known photographer Annie Leibovitz through interviews with her subjects and with the photographer herself.

Memorial Stadium: True Illini Spirit
Hear the history of the stadium, share fond memories, and enjoy visual images of Memorial Stadium in this documentary of the University of Illinois' football facility.

Man of Aran
View Robert Flaherty's quasi-documentary of the hard life in the 1930s off the west coast of Ireland.

Trouble the Water
An aspiring rapper films her experiences before, during and after Hurricane Katrina. Produced by former Urbana resident Carl Deal and his partner, Tia Lessin, this documentary has drawn strong local interest.

Check back with us often to see what other new films we've added to our documentary and non-fiction collection. We welcome recommendations.

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