Thursday, May 14, 2009

National Bike-to-Work Week, May 11-15

National Bike-to-Work Week is half over already, and I'm certain yesterday's unrelenting thunderstorms did little to encourage bicycle commutes. But there are other impediments, too.

WIRED magazine asks, "How bike friendly is your boss?"

Aside from Quality Bicycle Products in Minnesota (where I worked nine years ago), I'd say most employers could do better.

Showers? Wow that'd be nice. A secure, covered parking place for my bike? Awesome. (For now, I'll keep dreaming.)

Champaign County Bikes is one local organization working hard on behalf of cyclists. The group's mission is to "encourage and facilitate bicycling as transportation and recreation, and to promote public awareness of the benefits that bicycling brings to our community."

"Towards a Healthier Community" describes ongoing efforts to make CU a more friendly place for cyclists and pedestrians:
Improving bicycle routes, lanes, and the connectivity between destinations in our communities is highly desired by Urbana and Champaign residents. Public input on several transportation studies conducted in the past 2 years have resulted in both cities moving forward with plans for safer and better bicycle infrastructure.

Urbana, in conjunction with its consultants and its Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee, has begun to create a bike route and lane system to meet the City Council goal of becoming a Bicycle Friendly Community within five years. Champaign approved a new transportation master plan that includes a bike plan with routes and lanes. The University of Illinois is also working on similar plans.
Copies of the CU Area Bicycle Map are available at our library and online.

Finally, Sangamon County is also doing its part to encourage employees to leave their cars at home during Bike to Work Day (Friday the 15th).

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Anonymous said...

The League of Illinois Bicyclists offers tips for commuting (and provides links to other useful sites). Commute by Bike is another great resource offering tips, news feeds, blogs, and product reviews to help you on your way.

Get on that velo and get going!