Thursday, April 23, 2009

Man Up: Danny MacAskill

Bicycle and motorcycle trials riding has been slightly more popular (and more organized) in Europe and Japan than it has in the U.S. But pockets of fanatics can be found here.

The classic observed trials scenario involves traversing a narrow, natural obstacle course without putting one's foot down, or doing so the fewest times possible.

Today's riders combine trials and freestyle skills, and they can be a bit, well ... nutsy.

A bike rider from Scotland recently went big on YouTube with the clip posted above.

As the BBC reports, the opening sequence--involving a trip across the top of a spiked fence--took countless tries over an eight-hour period.
"I get nervous sometimes but for example when I jumped off the National Gallery front entrance I had to do it quickly so that people wouldn't start gathering to watch so I didn't have time to think."

Mr MacAskill added that he has to take ibuprofen before he rides his bike to stop the pain in his wrists from years of absorbing the impact of his daredevil stunts.
His pain is our gain: the 360-degree flip off the tree trunk (3:10+) astounds.

Get on a bike, and get on out there!

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