Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Let the Right One Out

Why do we only own one copy of the popular new Swedish vampire film Let the Right One In? It's been well-received, rated well on IMDb, Ebert likes it enough to be showing it at his Overlooked Film Festival, and people are requesting it left and right.

In case you've missed the news that's been buzzing around online, the DVD release has disappointed many who gave the film high ratings after seeing it in theaters. What's different? The DVD release uses new subtitles that reportedly remove depth and seem to dumb down the film.

For more info on this, check out some of the links in this NPR story that also has good news to report. The firm managing the DVD release are restoring the theatrical subtitles to future DVD copies of the film.

The answer to the earlier question about our library having only one copy of the film is that this is a temporary situation. We want to offer the best quality version of this title, and we will be adding more copies once the DVDs with the theatrical subtitles become available.

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