Friday, March 6, 2009

Quick List: 5 Things I Want to Watch

I wish I had time to fit movie watching into my daily schedule. I'd work my way through the Urbana Free's DVD collection, starting with:

1. Electroma. Electronic musicians Daft Punk have created a robot road trip movie where everyone wears face covering helmets and the villains use latex to try to form faces for themselves. Sounds like good, strange fun to me.

2. Black Books: The Complete First Series. A BBC series about the Black Books used bookshop in London, it's cranky alcoholic owner, the goofy assistant, and the lady next door. I like both books and British humor. If you are, too, look for this in our new TV Series DVD section.

3. Pierrot le Fou. Shelved in our new International DVD area, this French film has caused disagreement between Roger Ebert (it lost a star between his 1966 review and when he re-reviewed over 40 years later). I've gotta see this tale of a couple on the lam from the mob to decide which Ebert I agree with more.

4. Eagle vs Shark. Jermaine from Flight of the Conchords has a role in this film about two odd folks forming a connection at a dress-up-like-your-favorite-animal party. I love Flight of the Conchords, both their music and show.

5. Afro Samurai. So new to our collection that it's not yet in our new Anime video section, this anachronistic, action packed story of revenge features the voices of Samuel Jackson and Ron Perlman. Jackson voices the titular samurai who, as a child, witnessed the beheading of his father and now fights his way through anyone who stands between him and his father's murderer.

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