Friday, December 19, 2008

Cruisin' the bins

Neil Morris sez:

Well, when I was just a small boy, old Uncle Milt Oldfield, the Congressman from Arkansas for so long -- it was his father. He and my father were close friends, and they were discussing music. They were music teachers both of them. And they said, Dad did, and Uncle Milt sanctioned what he said, that music had no end, that you could learn all the other guy learned, and after you get that done then something else would crop up. And that's the reason why music advanced. Why, you would get better music in one generation, maybe that is, that would fit the times in which they lived. They said that music grew like the grapevine that is never pruned, that each year it put on a little bit more. That is what they said about it.

Any further questions?

(From an interview with Neil Morris, conducted by Alan Lomax, October 6, 1959 in Timbo Arkansas)

Does your playlist have that "same old, same old" feeling? Boring, predictable, cliche? Your library can help! From Venetian Vespers to Horn honk music of Ghana, from the Yerba Buena Bounce to the Duke of Uke, it's still the best place to discover and explore all those lovely twisting tendrils snaking out from that unpruned grapevine called music.

Check it out! It's at your library.

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