Monday, November 3, 2008

Uncle Sam's Guilt Trip

Good ol' Uncle Sam, he wants you to remember that tomorrow is the general election. He'd like you to vote, or at least have abstaining from voting be a conscious decision on your part, because he's all into civic duty and stuff like that. What would you expect out of guy with a stars and strips top hat? He's nuts for this country.

For those of you planning to vote, here's some basic info:
  • Champaign County polls open at 6AM tomorrow and close at 7PM
  • The Clerk's site allows you to check your registration, view a sample ballot, and find your polling place fairly easily
  • You'll need to bring an ID to the polls, such as a photo ID with your registration address; a current utility bill, bank statement, government check, paycheck, or other government document that displays your name and registration address; or a copy of your move-in notice if you live in a U of I residence hall
So, here's the plan: check your registration to make sure you know where to go to vote, take a look at the sample ballot so you're ready when you get in the voting booth, and duct tape some form of ID to your person because you do not want to wait in line only to be told to go back home for that forgotten document.

And when you're all done voting, reward yourself. I mean, they give you a sticker, which is nice, but do a little something for you. Money may be tight these days, but you can always treat yourelf at the Urbana Free.

If you're political blood is still pumping, might I suggest DVDs like The West Wing, Wag the Dog, JFK, Malcolm X, or Thank you for Smoking? Or perhaps some fiction like Primary Colors, Echo House, No Way to Treat a First Lady, or even Capital Crimes? If reality is more your thing, we likely have a biography of your favorite president, incendiary analysis by your favorite pundit, or memoir of your favorite failed candidate. We've even got some Doonesbury, if that's your thing.

Happy voting!

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