Wednesday, June 11, 2008

So, Urbana ... You Say You Wanna Rock

Music scholars William Gillespie and Cristy Scoggins, masterminds behind the site RockGeekChic, recently critiqued TUFL's rock music collection in local entertainment and culture webzine SmilePolitely:

C: The volume of CDs filed under “Rock” is amazing. I think Urbanites already recognize the library as a comprehensive source for music, because it seems like a majority of the CDs are always checked out! Each time I go through their collection, I feel overwhelmed before I even reach the “D”s. (Yes, I always start at the beginning of the alphabet.)

W: I've found it especially useful for unaffordable box sets I drool over in chain book superstores. UFL has great multi-disc collections of punk (No Thanks!), '60s psychedelia (Nuggets), the Zombies, X, the Police and Richard Thompson, among others. As these collections come with booklets, they are suitably scholarly for a library. As the formerly transgressive punk and acid rock movements slide into the past, an interest in this anti-establishment music can be rebellious or nerdy. Or both.
You can find the complete review here. The pair's humorous commentary has resulted in a few new music purchases. (Yeah, kids ... check this out!)

If, like the Rock Geeks, you see any "holes" in any of our collections, please feel free to phone in your purchase requests (367-4405) or take the time to chat with a librarian in person.

Really ... we enjoy buying what you ask for!

In the meantime, have a look at Gillespie and Scoggins' provocative piece "Bands We Should Like But Don't" and the equally provocative literature available through Spineless Books.

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