Saturday, May 17, 2008

Happy Norwegian Constitution Day

Things to do for a slamming Norwegian Constitution Day, which is today, May 17th

1. Prepare and then eat loads of waffles

Cooking the Norwegian Way

(And if that book is checked out before you grab it out of the hellzapoppin’ Children’s Department, then snag another book from the fantastic Easy Menu Ethnic Cookbook Series)

2. Watch Norwegian films while eating waffles.

My pick is a new release, The Bothersome Man

Our hero Andreas is bussed to a netherworld of uncomplicated pleasantry. He doesn’t know who he is or where he is, but that isn’t what drives the action in him or the movie. It’s the uncomplicated obsequious coworkers, lovers, and strangers that shake him to the core. In this vegetal life, he yearns for the animal experience, and if only he could be exhausted from living rather than routine, he would be satisfied.

Does he find satisfaction? I’ll leave it up to you to decide – grim yet enjoyable viewing.

Other Norwegian films:

3. Read books during or after you watch movies

The Indian Bride is the most recent Karin Fossum book, one of many books by her you’ll find at the library. But her mysteries might trouble you, so then it’s important to relax and listen to some great Norwegian rock.

4. Great Norwegian Rock n' Roll

5. Garrison Keillor
Last but not least, delight in Garrison Keillor before you snooze out for the day. My personal favorite is the book of poetry he edited, Good Poems for Hard Times. There's nothing particularly Norwegian about his book, unlike the little Minnesotan town he refers to in his radio show and books. However, poetry need not be Norwegian to feel Norwegian, and at the close of a day (or a blog post) poetry is always a suitable ending.

Happy Norwegian Constitution Day!

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