Monday, March 17, 2008

New Historical Mysteries!

The Urbana Free Library has the best mystery collection in downstate Illinois. Five new titles were recently added that increase the depth of this collection. First is The Enchanter's Forest, by Alys Clare, part of The Hawkenlye series featuring Josse D'Acquin and Abbess Helewise. The second is A Vigil of Spies, by Candace Robb. This title is the eleventh in the Owen Archer series. Another popular author is Bernard Knight. His latest title is The Noble Outlaw, featuring Sir John de Wolfe. The fourth new historical mystery is Dancing with Demons, by Peter Tremayne. This title is in the popular Sister Fidelma series. The last is another title in the Sister Frevisse series -- The Apostate's Tale by Margaret Frazer. All of these mysteries are set in Great Britain and Ireland before 1500. Historical mysteries are fun to read, educational because of their historical accuracy, and a way to time travel and envision yourself during this era. Another new title, tho published in 1991, is P.C. Doherty's Crown in Darkness. This fills in a gap in the Hugh Corbett series. I highly recommend you check these out for a great read!

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